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7 Steps to Successful ITSM Implementation

With promises of rich new functionality, enhanced process automation, increased customer satisfaction, better management of IT resources, plus significant cost savings, what’s not to like about your new ITSM implementation? Well, the implementation itself, of course.

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by Paul Smith, Implementation Consultant at Marval Software


The deployment of a new ITSM software platform can turn into an overwhelming, stressful transition; particularly when it challenges established processes and opens the door to cultural transformation. Here’s seven steps, to make the transition as smooth as possible:

1.     Encourage all stakeholders to provide their input. Different functions within the organisation might have different needs and priorities. Make sure they are taken into account, whenever and wherever possible. Having the senior management’s support is crucial; keep them involved and engaged.

2.     Create a roadmap. Or appoint an experienced project manager and let them develop a plan to match the pre-agreed business and technical requirements.

3.     There is no “one solution fits all” plan. Each organisation has different needs and requirements, plus their own procedures and culture. While it is OK to establish your own pace and ways, it is equally important to make sure everyone understands the pace and keeps up with it. Remember, any lost days in deployment are days of lost value for your organisation.

4.     Have clear targets, stages and metrics; but be ready to adapt to new demands, whether it is re-allocation of resources or priority changes.

5.     Use people and technology you can trust. Check the references and work with providers who are subject matter experts, but also have proven experience in your specific industry. Ensure that your new platform is built upon the primary principles of ITIL implementation.

6.     Communicate, engage, inspire. Make sure that everyone understands why the implementation is taking place; how they will be affected and what benefits they should expect. Share the vision and passion.

7.     Focus on the big picture rather than small aspects of the project. Your main objective is to create value for your organisation and its customers. Remember that it all starts and ends with the customer.

As a Professional Services Specialist at Marval, I can assure you that your ITSM partner is there to help. Talk to us, share any concerns and let us support you every step of the way. We want the deployment to be smooth, successful and hassle-free, as much as you do. We want you to have a high return on your investment. We are committed to providing you with absolute peace of mind, while you enjoy the benefits of your ITSM solution. It is with this promise that we have been establishing long-lasting relationship with our customers; and with Marval MSM, a solid, powerful solution that will cater for your Service Management needs, no matter their complexity, urgency or size. 


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